Launching InMobi technology website

Mohit Saxena

Mohit Saxena on April 14, 2014

Everyday, at InMobi, we deal with enormous scale and some mind boggling complex computational challenges. To top it all very stringent latency requirements, where even a few milliseconds count, adds one more dimension to complexity. In order to tame these challenges we have deployed several awesome technologies at InMobi. Most of it is written from scratch leveraging open source software. Phenomenal teams of engineers at InMobi are always eager to look at a problem as one more opportunity to do something meaningful and world changing. We have been doing it day in and day out for quite some time but there was never a proper channel to share our stories with the rest of the world. We have always believed in thriving culture of collaboration and contribution within the tech community. Thus, we wanted a forum where we can share our technological breakthroughs with the rest of the world and leverage their perspectives and insight. So what could be a better way of sharing our stories than our own Technology website where folks can visit and read about some of our greatest work.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are starting a site dedicated to all the technological challenges we have seen and how we have solved them over time. This will also be a medium for us not only to engage with our customers on some deeper technical details of our systems but also to connect with the community of tech savvy engineers on some of the hottest technology trend and interesting problems that we are solving.

We will be regularly posting blogs, open source projects that we are contributing to, white papers and all our technical paper submissions in various technology conferences. In addition, we at InMobi have always attached a lot of attention on fostering innovation through our various hackathons, meetups, tech talks etc. and will be posting all these details on the website too for increased participation from all.

Launch of our Technical home is a very proud moment for all of us and I am sure this effort will bring us closer to the tech fraternity and push us further to make meaningful impact in the mobile ecosystem.