InMobi HackDay 2014

August 13, 2014  |  Hackathons

InMobi Hack Day, the company's flagship hackathon was held on 11-12 October, 2014. This time the broad themes were Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing (SMAC).The event got registration from 197 teams comprising of 520 hackers. After the first round of shortlisting, 100 teams comprising of 332 hackers came to InMobi campus to hack for 24 hours.

The hackathon kicked off at 10.00 am on Saturday 11th October, 2015 and ran through the afternoon of 12th October, 2015.

Here is the link to all the hack submissions :

You can find event photographs here:

What makes InMobi Hack Day different ?

Did we mention about our Casino Night. Yes, casino night in a hackathon. So, on 11th Oct in the night, you all will be given some fake currency to play in Casino for 3 hours. And, the fortune you win in Casino, can win you additional prizes. Figure out how.

To get in touch with us, please drop a mail to

Event Details


InMobi 7th Floor, Block Delta, Embassy Tech Square, Kadubeesanhalli, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore-560037 (KA)

Google Map

Time & Date

Start: October 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM IST
End: October 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM IST


Winner Team: Nexus 5

First Runner Up Team: Samsung Galaxy Gear

Second Runner Up Team: Xiaomi RedMi 1s

(Prizes will be given to every team member.)



  1. Participation is open to all.
  2. One person can participate in only one team/hack.
  3. Team size should be minimum 2 and maximum 4.
  4. Please register your team on the link. All the teams will be shortlisted, based on the credentials filled by the participants.
  5. Only shortlisted teams will be invited to come and hack at InMobi premises.
  6. Registrations are open till 21st September, 2014.
  7. Shortlisted teams will hear from us by 25th September, 2014.


  1. Every hack should be demo-able. No PowerPoint presentations will be accepted.
  2. Each team will be given only 3 minutes of time to present their hack before our rock star judges.
  3. All the hacks will be judged on the following criterion
    • Completeness of the hack
    • Novelty of the idea
    • The impact it can create

Casino Night:

Casino night makes InMobi Hack Day a battle of mind and luck, which means being the winner hack team is one bit and playing well in casino night is the other bit. And, here is how the later bit works.

  1. Every hacker will be given 5,000 fake currency to play with in the Casino.
  2. If your team ends up in the top three winners as well as manage to convert your 20,000 into 80,000 (four times). Then, you can win more than others (additional prizes).
  3. For example: Team Eagle (four members team) will have 20,000 at the start (5,000 for each member). They play really well and end up having 80,000 in the end. Also, their hack stands second in the event. Now, they get some additional prizes.
  4. Please note if a team has two or three team members, then the total amount they get is 10,000 (2 members*5,000) and 15,000 (3 members*5,000) respectively. Then, they have to convert the amount to 40,000 and 60,000 respectively (which is four times of the amount given).


1. Do all my team members need to be present in the event.

Yes, all the team members should be present.

2. Can I make changes in my team after registration

Yes, just drop a mail to with the required details.

3. Can I register on the spot.

No, only shortlisted teams will come to the event to hack. They will be sent the invitations.

4. Is it mandatory to register idea upfront.

No, not necessarily but we highly encourage to do so. As, it will help us in shortlisting the entries in addition to your credentials.

5. Are the prizes different for different categories.

No, prizes are across the four categories,i.e. Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing (SMAC).

Still have some queries. Write to us

Hack Master

Sanket Saurav

Sanket is part-hacker, part-designer, and co-founder of CampusHash, a talent discovery and recruitment platform. He loves the Internet and all it's cogs, and likes to play with APIs. He's been a speaker at many community events across the country, speaking on various technologies of the Web. On weekends, he can be found jamming with his band, Quantum Chaos.

@sanketsaurav /

Hack Master

Santosh Panda

Santosh has decade of diverse experience in software Industry in UK, USA, Finland and India. He has extensive experience in product development, consulting for FTSE 100 companies and start-up companies across the globe. Always wanting to venture out and startup, Santosh started 2 startups and failed during 2005-2007. That didn’t stop Santosh to try a ‘third’ attempt to build Explara has been bootstrapped, and raised a seed round in 2013. With zero marketing, powered event organisers from 21 countries and users from 64 countries.


Hack Master

Cyrus Dasadia

Cyrus Dasadia is a Senior Tech Lead at InMobi, with over a decade of experience in dabbling with open source technologies. He is also the founder of CitoEngine, an open source alert management system.


Hack Master

Kaustav Das Modak

Kaustav is an open-source evangelist by passion. He co-founded and serves as the CTO for Applait, an organization that develops useful products and provides enterprise solutions on Firefox OS. He volunteers as a Mozilla Representative and co-ordinates community evangelism activities of Mozilla in India. He is the Training Lead in the community team that helped bring Firefox OS to India. So far, he has co-founded another startup, CodeBinders, in his early years, and has been a Developer Evangelist for FusionCharts.


Hack Master

Vaidhy Gopalan

Vaidhy loves technology, gadgets and building scalable software. His primary interests are in distributed systems and machine learning.


Ravi Gururaj

Ravi Gururaj is a serial entrepreneur with 5 ventures and 2 public exits, an angel investor, mentor, technology executive, and ecosystem evangelist. He chairs the NASSCOM product council and is a member of it's executive council, is a TiE charter member, and cofounded/chairs the Penn & Wharton Club of Bangalore, and is cofounder/chair of the HBS Alumni Angels of India.



Namit Jain

Namit Jain is a technologist and currently heads Nutanix India. Nutanix is building the software-defined computing platform for next-generation data centers. His interests are in big data and distributed systems. Prior to that, he worked at Facebook, and was the first PMC chair for Apache Hive, a data warehouse infrastructure built on top of Hadoop. He has presented Hive at a number of conferences.


Manu Kumar Jain

Manu currently heads Xiaomi India. He is an internet entrepreneur having a decade of experience across internet startups, world's leading management consulting firm, and a stint as a coder. He co-founded Jabong- India's leading fashion and lifestyle store. He is also co-creator of cartoon series: DINK Couple, inspired by real life experiences.



Krishnendu Majumdar

Krish currently heads the Product for Publisher monetization, Inmobi Exchange and The User Platform. He has been @ InMobi for the last 3.5 years. He earlier was playing the role of Principal Architect @ InMobi. He loves to hack interesting solutions that solve real world problems. Codes in the weekends/ nights, and would love to brainstorm with you on any great idea that you have. His passion is biking, reading books and coding.



Ugesh Sarcar

Ugesh Sarcar, India's first and ultimate Street Magician, is bringing the illusion to the stage! A master in his own right, Ugesh is known for doing the impossible, as shown on his award winning TV Show, Ugesh Sacar's 3rd Degree on UTV Bindaas.