InMobi Hack Day Summer 2015

April 22, 2015  |  Hackathons

InMobi Hack Day, the company’s flagship hackathon was held from May 23-24, 2015. This time the broad themes were DevOps; Sensors, Control Systems & Applied Data Sciences. The event got registration from 150 teams comprising of 420 hackers. After the first round of shortlisting, 100 teams comprising of 350 hackers came to InMobi campus to hack for 24 hours.

The hackathon kicked off at 10.00 am on Saturday 23rd May, 2015 and ran through the afternoon of 24th May, 2015.

Here is the link to all the hack submissions :

You can find event photographs here:

Theme for the event were:


Hacks related to (but not limited to) infrastructure-as-a-service, Datacenter Networking, Service Monitoring & Alerting and Disaster Recovery.

Example: A hack could demonstrate the ability to migrate a docker container as is between physical hosts for certain classes of application without client-visible disruption, or the ability to migrate between two or more public cloud providers dynamically based on cost, traffic, planned maintenance or unplanned outages, or the ability to predict machine failures in a datacenter by measuring various parameters like on-board temperature, memory faults and so forth.

Sensors, Control Systems & Applied Data Sciences:

This category revolves around the usage of sensors for real-world telemetry, processing of the collected data and possible feedback systems that control physical machinery. For instance, a hack could demo how data from a pacemaker or heart rate monitor may be collected in a low radiation, power friendly manner and transmitted to a backend that analyses patient health and provides notifications or reports to the associated medical practitioner.

Another idea would be a way to automatically synchronize traffic signals along a route for an ambulance, based on the time of departure and distance to the hospital. Or perhaps a way to reallocate water across overhead tanks based on the current water levels and consumption pattern across suburbs. It could even be a hardware hack with an Arduino board can sense the weather and control water sprinklers while respecting water utilization limits.

Event Details


InMobi 7th Floor, Block Delta, Embassy Tech Square, Kadubeesanhalli, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore-560037 (KA)

Google Map

Time & Date

Start: May 23, 2015 at 9:30 AM IST
End: May 24, 2015 at 12:30 PM IST


Winner Team: Micromax 4k Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV (42 Inch)

First Runner Up Team: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10

Second Runner Up Team: Crazy Robot Kit- Powered by Raspberry Pi

(Prizes will be given to every team member.)



  1. Participation is open to all.
  2. One person can participate in only one team/hack.
  3. Team size should be minimum 2 and maximum 4.
  4. Please register your team on the link. All teams to be shortlisted, based on the credentials filled by the participants.
  5. Only shortlisted teams to be invited to hack at the InMobi premises.
  6. Registrations are open till 15th May,2015.
  7. Shortlisted teams will hear from us by 18th May, 2015.


  1. Every hack should be demo-able. PowerPoint presentations will not be accepted.
  2. Each team will get 3 minutes to present their hack before our rockstar panel of judges.
  3. All hacks will be judged on the following criterion:
    • Completeness of the hack
    • Novelty of the idea
    • The impact it can create
    • Availability of hack as open source


1. Do all my team members need to be present at the event.


2. Can I make changes to my team after registration

Yes, just drop a mail to with your registration details.

3. Can I register on the spot

No, only shortlisted teams will be invited to hack at the InMobi premises. They will receive invitations in advance.

4. Is it mandatory to register ideas upfront.

No, not necessarily. But we highly encourage you to do so. It will help us in short listing submissions.

Still have queries? Write to us


Amit Somani

Amit Somani is a Managing Partner at AngelPrime, a seed-stage VC firm based out of Bangalore, India. He brings 20 years of experience in technology and internet industries and is deeply engaged with the early stage ecosystem in India. Earlier, he was the Chief Products Officer for MakeMyTrip where he led the entire online product portfolio. He was a part of the leadership team that took the company public on NASDAQ in 2010. Prior, Amit has headed various search, mobile and ads products at Google and was the Director for the Enterprise Search and Discovery business at IBM San Jose, California.

Amit holds a B.S Computer Science (Gold Medallist) from Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi, Masters in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has published several papers and holds seven US patents. USA. Amit loves to read, is a sports enthusiast and a fusion chef!



Sharad Sharma

Sharad Sharma is a co-founder of iSPIRT, a non-profit industry think tank that wants India to be a Product Nation. He has held a number of senior executive positions with leading technology companies. Most recently he was a SVP at Yahoo! and CEO of its India R&D. Previously he turned around VERITAS operations in India. He also brought AT&T/Lucent R&D to India as an intrapreneur. He was given the R&D Visionary Award by Zinnov in 2008.

Sharad is one of the active technology angel investors in India. He is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded Teltier, now part of Cisco, and is currently the CEO of BrandSigma Inc. Sharad has an Electrical Engineering degree from Delhi College of Engineering.



Srikanth Sundararajan

Dr. Srikanth Sundararajan has 25+ years of international experience in the software product and services space. He has worked at HP, Informix, and was part of the executive leadership team at HCL, the world wide CTO at Cognizant and the COO at Persistent. He had also successfully founded his own start up, Pretzel Logic Software Inc., which was subsumed into BEA, now Oracle. He is also a visiting faculty of computer science at IIT Bhubaneswar and has taught at several US universities. He also serves on national committees on technical education, an initiative of MHRD, India.

Currently he is a Venture Partner with Helion Advisors, an India focused fund to help technology focused start-ups looking to go global from India. He holds a B Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and a MS/PhD in Computer and Information Sciences from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. He has several publications and is the holder of patents, jointly with HP and BEA.



Rohit Chatter

Rohit Chatter is a Principal Architect at InMobi for Mobile App Download business, Data & Analytics group. Prior to InMobi, he was Sr Architect at Yahoo! in Advertiser and Data Platform group. He is a thought leader specialising in designing solutions involving huge amount of data. He architected Paid Search BI stack for Microsoft-Yahoo alliance that uses Hadoop, Hive, GraphDB & HBase. He has deep knowledge and understanding of various usage models involving traditional databases and newer Big Data platforms to provide customer centric and cost effective solutions. He has spent 19 years in the industry. Before joining Yahoo he has worked for companies like Tivo, Alcatel Lucent etc. Some of his recent projects include BI solutions for Paid Search Advertiser Analytics, Partner Analytics and Web Analytics. He speaks at TDWI Bangalore Chapter and is a panel member at The Fifth Elephant.



Sanket Saurav

Sanket is part-hacker, part-designer, and co-founder of DoSelect where he heads product and engineering. He's been dabbling with computers since the age of 10, and had started his first venture at 18. He's been a prolific speaker in community events across the country. He loves great design, classic rock music, and Harry Potter. On weekends, he can be found jamming with his band, Quantum Chaos.



Siva Kumar

Sivakumar has been working with InMobi as an Engineering Manager for DevOps with primary focus on Data Management using RDBMS and Hadoop. He also spent a majority of his time working with PostgreSQL community and have also contributed patches. He is also passionate about cloud technologies and also an advocate of AWS with InMobi. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about latest advancements in technologies.


Hack Master

Vaidhy Gopalan

Vaidhy loves technology, gadgets and building scalable software. His primary interests are in distributed systems and machine learning.


Srinivasan Natarajan

Srini is the new, old man at inMobi. He has been in professional circulation for the past 20 years & has been a Performance-Engineering consultant since 2001. He is passionate about writing code & likes to sweat the small stuff. Srini is a foster parent for squirrels with Blue-Cross & has also co-founded Latent-Labs. Being a humungous Halo fan, most free time is usually spent pwning Halo n00bs on XBox-Live.



Sanjay Manaktala

Sanjay Manaktala is a former computer programmer turned stand up comedian who has performed all over India and beyond. He grew up in the US where he received the comedy cub and hit success with his brand of humor ranging from dating to For Loops. He has been featured on the BBC, CNN.COM, Times of India, Forbes India, NDTV, MTV and a host of other publications. He also has over 3.5 million views on his youTube channel.