Anthill Inside 2018 - NFFM for Online-behaviour Prediction

October 18, 2018  |  Tech Talks

Gunjan Sharma Architect, InMobi, spoke on ‘Neural-network Field Aware Factorisation Machines for Online-behaviour Prediction' at Anthill Inside2018.

In the AdTech mobile-app industry, bidding for each and every ad-request at a suitable price and in real-time is absolutely critical. Thus, there is always a need for more scalable and more accurate prediction models, which drive higher revenue.

Given the strengths of Deep learning to evaluate higher-order interactions between features and accordingly weight these, and the ability of Factorisation machines to reduce the cardinality of categorical features, the NFFM is a model that can work with high-cardinality categorical features and make better predictions than traditional logistic regression and tree models. Furthermore, the NFFM can also provide decent generalized predictions for unseen feature values.

Watch the video to learn more.

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