Mobile generates 10X more data than desktop. At InMobi we have developed systems that seamlessly handles all this data.

We at InMobi face an onerous task - solving complex technological problems at scale and in the rapidly changing environment of mobile technology. Time and again over the last few year, we have taken the mantle of responsibility for delivering solutions to these problems to our clients. This has been possible due to the ground breaking work of a brilliant selection of engineers at InMobi who take up any technological problems thrown to them and come up with great, scalable and innovative solutions to them in record time.

Technology organization at InMobi is already more than 350 engineers strong and distributed all over the world. The organization consists of the engineering group, architect group, production engineering, operations and IT and Data Sciences to ensure that appropriate focus is given to all aspects of technology.

Given below are some snippets of the scale and complexity that we have been able to solve - a testament to the amazing set of engineers and culture that we have built at InMobi.

2.2 Trillion

Total ad requests this year


Peak ad requests/ second

13 Billion

Events ingested in a day

86 Million

Hadoop jobs in 2013

720 Billion

Total ads served

1 Billion

Unique Users in our network

How Huge is the data

60 TB

User data in our

24 TB

Amount of new data
generated in a day

5,100 TB

Hadoop clusters
data size

All About InMobi Analytics

11.1 Billion

Total number of downloads attributed

2.3 Billion

Total number of clicks being tracked